Street Signs (BW)

I am going to try something new with my Flickr account. For every color photograph I take will process the same photograph in black and white to see what happens. Who knows how long this will last but I will give it a shot. I call this the Black and White Project.

You Can't Do That


Street Signs 23/215

You Can't Do ThatIt was a difficult winter to shoot.  I was driving the other day when I saw these street signs.  They seemed to be perfect metaphors for this winter.  Stop, go, you can’t do that, one way, Wrong!  Anyway.  I’m glad this winter is almost over.

3 Apples Still Life 22/215

Winter is a good time to experiment with macro photography.  I was drawn to the shiny character of these apples.  Originally I had them sitting on the brown table but didn’t like the background.  I added the bamboo like place mats and I like the effect.

3 Apples Still Life 11_HDR

Moonstone Beach 5/215

I went to South County to shoot the beaches in the winter.  This is shot number 5 for my 215 In 2015 project.  This is the closest thing that we get to a Western vista in this part of the world.  What makes this shot great is the lack of people, just the beach.Moonstone Beach 4-2-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit